PlaY: gcloud workshop


PlaY 社群與 Docker 社群這次邀請到 Googler 分享 Google Cloud, 內容包含流行的 Docker 與使用 BigQuery 處理大量資料。


1. 因活動時間在下班後,101的門禁更為嚴格,需由Googler帶領才能按電梯上樓,遲到的來賓可能會上不去75樓的會議室,請來賓準時到場。

2. 請務必報名,才能取得門禁卡入場。如未報名,恕無法進場。

3. 報名成功的來賓,請提前至台北101辦公大樓一樓的服務台完成報到手續,將由工作人員帶領您上樓。



Title 1:Kuburnetes: Applying Lessons a Decade of Containers (Google/Ian Lewis/Developer Advocate, Asia Pacific and Japan)

Kubernetes is a new tool for container management that applies all the lessons learned from a near-decade of using containers at Google. In this session we'll learn a bit about the history of containers, some of the lessons learned, and how we applied them in Kubernetes to managing containers easier.

Title 2: Real-time log analysis with Google BigQuery (Google/Kasunori Sato/Developer Advocate, Asia Pacific and Japan)

Google BigQuery allows you to import logs from hundreds of servers in real-time, analyse them in tens of seconds. In this session, we'll discuss how you can take advantage of Fluentd, an open source log collection tool, to execute the real-time log analytics with BigQuery.




PlaY, docker taipei 社群協辦

台灣 Google 總部 75F / taipei 101 75F

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